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Remington Managed Recoil Rifle Ammunition .30-30 Win 125 gr Core Lokt SP 2175 fps 20/ct

SKU: TSW|34878


For years shooters have wished for and hand loaders have attempted to create a low-recoil load – usually by simply reducing the amount of gunpowder. The results did create low kick but at the expense of bullet expansion and on-game performance. For many years the gap between low recoil and effective hunting performance seemed an insurmountable one. That is until now. Managed-Recoil Centerfire Ammunition delivers trusted Remington field-proven hunting performance out to 200 yards with half the recoil. How? Through a specialized new bullet developed specifically to perform at lower velocity levels. Managed-Recoil bullets deliver 2x expansion with over 75% weight retention on shots inside of 50 yards and out to 200 yards. The end result is a high-performance bullet optimized to provide the on-game results you've come to expect from Remington Ammunition with just half the felt recoil.


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